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Cookies and analytics

We use Piwik open source software to log visitors to our site. This is so that we know what content is popular, what links people have followed to get here, and what links people leave on.

To do this, Piwik puts certain first party cookies on your computer. These are small data files which identify your computer to the server.

We respect your privacy

We use recommended best practices for your privacy, and to comply with EU cookie law.

We anonymise visitor IP addresses. This means we can't tell who or where you are.

We don't set any third party or advertising cookies, so no other company gets their hands on the data we gather.

Opting out

We respect your choices. If you have told your browser you don't want to be tracked (Do Not Track), we won't track you (many websites still do).

You can opt out via the box on the right. This will set a single cookie on your machine, telling our server not to track you and not to set any more cookies


The Twitter widget on our homepage sets cookies of it's own. We do not have control over these cookies, although we have set the DNT option on the widget.

You can use a cookie add-on to block individual cookies.